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Poem Titles L - O

La Chute des Feuilles: (From the French of Millevote.)
A Lament
The Lament for Bion: (After the Greek of Moschus.)
The Lascar Crew
The Last Flight
The Last String: From the German of Gustav Hartwig
Le Papillon
"Lead, Kindly Light": Latine Redditum
Leaving Aldworth: Oct. 11, 1892
The Legend of Ishtar: (Assyrian.)
Let the Past Be Past
Letty's Globe: Or Some Irregularities in a First Lesson in Geography
Letty's Globe: Or Some Irregularities in a First Lesson in Geography
A Liberal Address
Lieb Liebchen, leg's H
Liebe, sollst mir heute sagen?
Life in Loving: Catulli Seges Osculationis
Life the School of Manhood
Life's Pauses
Limits of Humanity
Lines: Dedicated to Those Who Mourn Their Dead in the Wrecks of the Bokhara, Roumania, and Scotch Express
Lines on a Beautiful Girl
Lines to a Lady who was robbed of her Jewels: Written Several Years Ago
Linked Lives
Loch Carron, Western Highlands
London: I. The Row and Westminster. Epistle to a Friend.
A London Rose
The Long Putt: A Golfing Song
Lookin' Back
Looking back in Yarrow: A Golden Wedding
Lord Byron and the Armenian Convent
Lord Lynedoch: A Historical Ballad
Lord Rodney's Bantam Cock
The Loss of H.M.S. Victoria: An Anniversary Lament, June 22, 1894
A Lost Leader: In Memoriam T. H. Green
Lost--A Heart
Love and Pain
Love and Pity
Love in the Valley
IV.--Love Test.
Love that Lasts For Ever: A Jubilee Lyric
Love the Betrayer
Love's Arrows
Love's Blindness
Love's Burial
Love's Promise
Love, Love Ever!
M. Mayor
Mabel's Holy Day
The Maenad's Grave
Mag da draussen Schnee sich th
The Malwood Eclogues
Man glaubt, dass ich mich gr
A Man's Regret
Manch Bild vergessner Zeiten
The Mandolinata
Manzoni's Hymn for Whitsunday
A Masquerader
The Master-Art: (Suggested by the Poem Crossing the Bar.)
Me and My Mate: A Whitby Story
Mein Herz, mein Herz ist traurig
Mein Kind, wir waren Kinder
Mein Liebchen, wir sassen beisammen
Mein s
Memory: An Unpublished Poem by Charlotte Bront
Memory's Song
Mendelssohn's "Duetto" by Moonlight
Merlin and Kentigern: A Legend of Tweeddale
Mervaunee: Part II.
Mervaunee: Part I.
The Metropolitan Editor's Song
A Midnight Conversation
The Minstrel's Curse
Mir tr
Mir tra
Mir tra
Miss Honor's Wedding
A Modern Greek War-Song
Mopsa's Tale
Morgens steh ich auf und frage
A Morning Walk
The Mother with Nine Sons: From the Romaic
A Mother's Heart
The Mountain Home
The Mountain Laureate
A Mountain Transformation
My Bath
My Lady's Song
My Library
My Neighbour's Wife!
My Palace
My Pet Corn
My Walk
My Wasted Youth
My Wife
Nacht lag auf meinen Augen
Natura Regina
The New Sirens: A Palinode
A Night in June
A Night in the Red Sea
A Night Thought
The Night Walk
A Night Watch
Nightingale and Cukoo
Nobody Cares!
Not Until Next Time
October Song
Ode on a Near Prospect of Eton College: The Shade of Dr. Hawtrey Speaks
Oeschenen: (In the Bernese Oberland.)
Oh, schwore nicht, und kusse nur!
An Old "Seventy-Four" Frigate
The Old Love and the New
An Old Miniature
The Old Stonemason
The Olympeium
Omar Khayyam's Rubiayyat: A Few of the Quatrains Untranslated by Fitzgerald, Literally Rendered in the Metre and According to the Rhyme of the Originals
On Ahead!
On an Old Song
On Granton Pier
On Hampstead Hill
On the Daughter of my Friend, at whose Funeral I was Yesterday Present, in the Cemetery of Passy, 16th June 1832.
On the Hardenberg
On the Railway Between Zurich and Innsbruck
On the Road
One Day
The One Forgotten
One Word
Orange Blossom: Sonnet
Osborne: Before Midnight, 31st December 1887
The Ould Lad
Our Fathers
Our William
Out of the Mouth of Babes

Poem Groups L - O

Life and Death


Lighter Spanish Poetry, In English Metre

I.: Idyll
II.: To My Lady's Eyes
III.: Epigram
IV.: Cantilena
V.: Sonnet
VI.: The Lover's Doom
VII.: Sonnet
Romance Jocoso
Redondilla, from Quevedo

Norwegian Sonnets

Up the Skager Rack
The Scenery--Go and See It!
A Terror of the Twilight
The Climb from Valle
"Paa Heja": Life on the Heights
The Mountain Laureate

Outdoor Sonnets

A Back-Lying Farm
On Granton Pier