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Poem Titles K - L

Kenneth Macrae
The Kentucky Girl
Kind! es w
The King's Death
Knowledge of Men
Known and Unknown
La Chute des Feuilles: (From the French of Millevote.)
A Lament
The Lament for Bion: (After the Greek of Moschus.)
The Lascar Crew
The Last Flight
The Last String: From the German of Gustav Hartwig
Le Papillon
"Lead, Kindly Light": Latine Redditum
Leaving Aldworth: Oct. 11, 1892
The Legend of Ishtar: (Assyrian.)
Let the Past Be Past
Letty's Globe: Or Some Irregularities in a First Lesson in Geography
Letty's Globe: Or Some Irregularities in a First Lesson in Geography
A Liberal Address
Lieb Liebchen, leg's H
Liebe, sollst mir heute sagen?
Life in Loving: Catulli Seges Osculationis
Life the School of Manhood
Life's Pauses
Limits of Humanity
Lines: Dedicated to Those Who Mourn Their Dead in the Wrecks of the Bokhara, Roumania, and Scotch Express
Lines on a Beautiful Girl
Lines to a Lady who was robbed of her Jewels: Written Several Years Ago
Linked Lives
Loch Carron, Western Highlands
London: I. The Row and Westminster. Epistle to a Friend.
A London Rose
The Long Putt: A Golfing Song
Lookin' Back
Looking back in Yarrow: A Golden Wedding
Lord Byron and the Armenian Convent
Lord Lynedoch: A Historical Ballad
Lord Rodney's Bantam Cock
The Loss of H.M.S. Victoria: An Anniversary Lament, June 22, 1894
A Lost Leader: In Memoriam T. H. Green
Lost--A Heart
Love and Pain
Love and Pity
Love in the Valley
IV.--Love Test.
Love that Lasts For Ever: A Jubilee Lyric
Love the Betrayer
Love's Arrows
Love's Blindness
Love's Burial
Love's Promise
Love, Love Ever!

Poem Groups K - L

Life and Death


Lighter Spanish Poetry, In English Metre

I.: Idyll
II.: To My Lady's Eyes
III.: Epigram
IV.: Cantilena
V.: Sonnet
VI.: The Lover's Doom
VII.: Sonnet
Romance Jocoso
Redondilla, from Quevedo