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Poem Titles G - J

The Gascon O'Driscol
Genus Irritabile Vatum
Gifford's Grave: A Story of Sir George Napier
Gifts of the Terek: "Dari Tereka"
Giovanni Dupr: An Eclogue
The Gloaming
The Glove
God. Innate Ideas.
The Gods of Greece: From the German of Friedrich Schiller
The Golden Age
The Golden Ladder
Gone Seaward
Good Society
The Grand Match
Grandmother's Teaching
A Greek Girl
Greek Mother's Song
The Grenadiers
Grief and God
The Groom's Story
Gunnar's Death
Gutterslush: Maker of Parliaments
A Hakka Maiden's Love-Ditty
A Halcyon Day in Summer
Half-way to Arcady
Hat sie sich denn nie ge
The Haymakers
The Heather
Hegel at Jena: (October 14, 1806.)
Helen in the Wood
Her Cuckoo
Her Dream
Her Last Letter
Her Laureate
Her Picture
Hero and Leander: From the German of Friedrich Schiller
Herz, mein Herz, sei nicht beklommen
Highland Courting
The Highland Tartan
His Daisy
A Holiday
Home from the Hill
Home to Thee
A Homily
Honor Victis
Hope: "(Suggested by Mr. Watts's picture in the Grovesnor Gallery, 1886.)"
Hor' ich das Liedchen klingen
The Hostage
An Hour on the Cliff
The House Beautiful
How They Held the Bass for King James: 1691-1694
The Hunter
Hurrah for the Lords!: Tune--The Roast Beef of Old England.
Hymn: "For St. John the Baptist's Day, June 24th."
Hymn by St. Columba: Columcille Fecit
A Hymn of Nature: An Ode Written for Music
I Mind the Day
Ich grolle nicht, und wenn Herz auch bricht
Ich hab' im Traum geweinet
Ich lag und schlief, und schlief recht mild
Ich stand in dunkeln Tr
Ich trat in jene Hallen
Ich ungl
Ich wandelte unter den Ba
Ich will meine Seele tauchen
Ich wollt, meine Schmerzen erg
Ich wollte bei dir weilen
Ich wollte, meine Lieder
An Idyl of Delhi
If I Were King of Ireland
Im Sussen Traum, bei stiller Nacht
Im Traum sah ich die Geliebte
Im Walde wandl' ich und weine
Im wundersch
In Arcady
In Capri: To Miss Sybil Hays
In den Kussen welche Luge
In mein gar zu dunkles Leben
In Memoriam: Major-General Sir George Pomeroy-Colley
In Memoriam: "Margaret Oliphant, died June 25th, 1897"
In Memoriam: (Major Steuart Smith.)
In October
In Pall Mall
In the Evening
In the River Pei-Ho. June 25, 1859.: A Naval Pensioner's Story
In the Spring
In Westminster Abbey, 21st June 1887
The Infinite
The Invalid: A Hampshire Study
The Invincible Armada: From Friedrich Schiller
An Invitation to the Sledge
Io Victis
Irish Feeling: 1885
Ja, du bist elend, und ich grolle nicht
James Graham Goodenough: Commodore
A Japanese Fan
Jemmy Blinker: (In Memory of a Great Scholar of the Old School.)
A Jewish Rabbi in Rome: With a Commentary by Ben Israel
John Ruskin
Juventus Mundi

Poem Groups G - J

Greek Sonnets

The Parthenon
The Olympeium
The Temple at Aegina

Heine's Mountain-Idylls

The Mountain Home
Confessio Fidei
A Mountain Transformation

In Memory of Dona Mercedes, Queen of Spain

III: Silence and Tears

In Praise of Vulcan

I.--The Forth Bridge
II.--The Eiffel Tower