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Poem Titles A - C

Ach, die Augen sind es wieder
Ach, wenn ich nur der Schemel w
Affinity: (After Th. Gautier)
After Autumn
After Many Days
After Rain
After Summer
After Winter
Alfred, the Hero King: A Historical Ballad
Alone: (After Sully Prudhomme)
Alone in London
Am fernen Horizonte
Am leuchtenden Sommermorgen
Amari Aliquid
Ancrum Moor: A Historical Ballad
Anfangs wollt' ich fast verzagen
The Angler's April
The Angler's Wish
Any Poet to his Mistress
An Appeal: (After Sully Prudhomme)
The Appeasement of Demeter
April Days
Ariadne in Naxos
The Arolliad: An Epic of the Alps
At a Dominican Priory
At a Window: (To Cecilia.)
At Her Door
At Merlincourt
At Scutari
At Sea: 1880
At Stratford Festival: April 23rd
At the Convent Gate
At the Fall of the Curtain: (To C. J. W. D.)
At the Station on an Autumn Morning: From the Italian of Giosu
At Vaucluse
Auf Fl
The Auld House o' Gask: A Sketch from Strathearn
Aus alten M
Aus meinen Thr
Author not known
An Autumn Idyll, 1887: Scene----The Part, Hawarden
An Autumn Lyric: Translation
Ave Maria: (A Breton Legend.)
A Back-Lying Farm
The Ballad of the 'Cleopatra'
A Ballad of East and West
Ballad of Foulweather Jack
A Ballad of the Armada: 1588
The Ballad of the King's Jest
The Ballad of the King's Mercy
The Ballad of the Last Suttee
A Ballad of the Were-Wolf
Ballade of the Olive
Baron Fisco at Home
Beauty's a Flower
Before the Snow: After Albert Glatigny
The Benediction
Beyond Reach
Beyond the Haze: A Winter Ramble Reverie
The Bird of Dawning
The Bitter Cry of Brer Rabbit
The Blackbird
Bon Jour, Bon Soir
A Border Foray
Bormus: A Linus Song
The Boy from Ballytearim
A Breton Beggar: (Dol Cathedral.)
Britannia, 1886
A Broken String
Brown's Peccadillo: An Idyll of the Temple
The Burn
The Burning of Njal: A Canto After the Icelandic of Njals Saga
The Bussex Rhine: (Sedgemoor.)
By the Aurelian Wall: (In Memory of John Keats)
By the Marl-Pit
By Willow Creek
The Camp of Wallenstein
Captain Ortis' Booty: a Ballad
Carmen Saeculare: An Ode in Honour of the Jubilee of Queen Victoria
The Carver and the Caliph
Castle Belleisle
The Chamois
Chamouni and Rydal
A Character
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaclava: "October 25th, 1854"
Charles Mackay's Last Poem: My Wife's a Winsome Wee Thing
Charlotte and Emily Bront
Chechina: A Recollection of Frascati
A Child's Story
The Child-Violinist
A Christmas Carol
The Christmas Rose
The Church by the Sea
Church-going Tim
The Climb from Valle
A College Breakfast-Party
Coming into Port
The Coming of Spring
Companions on the Road
Confessio Fidei
The Consolations of Art
Cossack Cradle-Song: "Spi, Mladenets Moi"
The Court of Demos
The Cranes of Ibycus
Cremona: A Ballad of the Irish Brigade
The Cup of Life: "Chasha Jhizni"
Cupid Schooled
The Cure's Progress
Cuttin' Rushes

Poem Groups A - C

An Angler's Garland

The Angler's April
The Angler's Wish
Waltoni Votum
Song: From 'The Compleat Angler'

At Rest. Two Sonnets.