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King Demos was a lusty lad,
King Henry was a rampant loon,
Laden come the maidens home,
Lassie wi' the face sae bonnie,
Lassie with the lips sae rosy,
Lay your dear little hand on my heart, my fair!
Let me alone!
Let the weary body lie
Life is no sleepless dream, as poets sing:
Life's milestones, marking year on year,
Lightning; and o'er those hills the rattling shock
Like some old friend from far who visits us
Like spray blown lightly from the crested wave
Like the light of a dawn that was roseate and splendid,
List a tale a fairy sent us
Little snatch of ancient song
Live with the world whoso has nerve
Lo! already a fern new-born
Lo! in a dream Love came down to me and cried,
Long, my love, I followed, to the fifth milestone;
Look down the river--against the western sky--
Lord, let me know mine end, and of my days
Love and Death one day together
Love held to me a chalice of red wine
Love knocked softly at the gate