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Dark and dismal is the day;
Day after day I watch a level shore
Dear love, we have left them behind us!
Dear to each Highland soldier's heart
Dear Tom, this brown beaker, so clasped and so cracked,
Deep, buried deep,
Dennis was hearty when Dennis was young,
Denny's daughter stood a minute in the field I was to pass,
Divide and rule, the politician cries;
Double, double, toils and troubles!
Down from the lifted cornfield trips
Down into Hell travelled Orpheus the Thracian,
Down, England, down!
Drop me a feather out of the blue
Each lover has a keepsake
Each man, before he takes his mortal birth--
Earth hides her secrets deep
Ella, you had, a month ago,
Envy must be: e'en let her feed her grudge!
Ever the waterlily rocked
Fair is youth and void of sorrow;
Far in Norwegian solitudes we strayed:
Far in the grim North-west, beyond the lines
Far off, beneath an opal sky,
Fare thee well! thou proud Ben Vrackie,
Farewell, beloved! we will not weep; 'tis but a little while:
Father, we'll better be off, I fear,
Fathoms deep may drift the snow,
Fie upon the nut-brown maiden!
Firmly walled up in the earth
Fold your arms around me, Sweet,
Fools only wander from the broad highway.'
For France two grenadiers held their way,
For thirty years I dwelt within the sound
Forth, therefore, o'er the blue triumphant bay,
Friend of my childhood, boyhood, manhood, age,
From candle-douting to candle-teening
From Great Poseidon's altar looking back
From no grim ancient headland blossom-crowned,
From the city in a plain
From the realm of old-world story