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Authors G - J

Names, Pseudonyms, and Initials

G., L. J.
G., A.
G., K.
G., S.
G., W. W.
Gallienne, Richard le
Gautier, Th.
Gibson, Wilfrid Wilson
Gillington, M. C.
Godley, A. D.
Gosse, Edmund W.
Graham, James
Graves, Charles L.
Graves, Alfred Perceval
Green, W. C.
Greenwood, Frederick
Gun, Gordon
Gwynn, Stephen
H., W. H.
H., W. G.
H., E. J.
H., W.
Haliburton, R. G.
Haliburton, Hugh
Hardy, Thomas
Hartwig, Gustav
Heine, H.
Hendry, Hamish
Henniker, Florence
Hickey, E. H.
Hill, George
Hogg, Walter
Hopkins, Ellice
Hopper, Nora
Horne, Edw H.
Horne, R. H.
Hugo, Victor
Irving, Edward A.
Johnstone, Elizabeth M.

Poets identified only by phrases

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