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Authors A - C

Names, Pseudonyms, and Initials

A., R. L.
A., S. A.
Alamanni, Antonio
Allingham, William
Argensola, Lupercio de
Argensola, Bartolome de
Arnold, Edwin
Arnold, Matthew
Austin, Alfred
B., J. S.
B., C. W.
B., M.
Baker, Ada Bartrick
Bayne, Peter
Beames, David
Becquer, Gustave
Blackie, John Stuart
Blackmore, R. D.
Bond, R. Warwick
Bowen, H. Courthope
Bramwell, H. F.
Bridges, Robert
Bronte, Charlotte
Brotherton, Mary
Browning, Oscar
Bruce, Wallace
Burke, Christian
C., M. C.
Caldwell, Robert Charles
Campbell, Lewis [none]
Canton, William
Carman, Bliss
Cave, Dora
Cedina, Gutierre de
Chalkhill, Jo
Chapman, E. R.
Clowes, Wm Laird
Compton, Herbert

Poets identified only by phrases

By a Provincial Aspirant
By One Who Knew Her
By the author of "Father O'Flynn"
By the Author of "The Forging of the Anchor"