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[Anonymous Poems] .. [Titles L-O]

Anonymous poems with titles L - O

A Lament
The Lament for Bion: (After the Greek of Moschus.)
The Last Flight
A Liberal Address
Loch Carron, Western Highlands
A Lost Leader: In Memoriam T. H. Green
Love and Pity
Mabel's Holy Day
Miss Honor's Wedding
A Modern Greek War-Song
A Morning Walk
A Mother's Heart
My Palace
My Pet Corn
Natura Regina
A Night in the Red Sea
A Night Thought
Nobody Cares!
Omar Khayyam's Rubiayyat: A Few of the Quatrains Untranslated by Fitzgerald, Literally Rendered in the Metre and According to the Rhyme of the Originals
On Ahead!
On Granton Pier
On Hampstead Hill
On the Road
One Day

Anonymous poem groups L - O

Life and Death


Lighter Spanish Poetry, In English Metre

I.: Idyll
II.: To My Lady's Eyes
III.: Epigram
IV.: Cantilena
V.: Sonnet
VI.: The Lover's Doom
VII.: Sonnet
Romance Jocoso
Redondilla, from Quevedo

Norwegian Sonnets

Up the Skager Rack
The Scenery--Go and See It!
A Terror of the Twilight
The Climb from Valle
"Paa Heja": Life on the Heights
The Mountain Laureate

Outdoor Sonnets

A Back-Lying Farm
On Granton Pier